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    Packinglistonline.com provides travelers a quick, easy and tailor made pack list, for free. A pack list is a list of items guiding travelers when packing bags for a vacation. By asking specific details about the vacation we learn what things are needed during the trip and dynamically create a personal list of items to pack.
    For free?
    Certainly. Our visitors can create their personal pack list for free. We are too busy making a living in the real (brick and mortar) world and cannot be bothered with all the effort and hassle of making this site profitable. So indeed, this is our gift to travelers. To you.
    Want to advertise with us?
    As I said, we cannot really be bothered with all the hassle of finding advertisers for this site. But if you have a great idea and are really keen on advertising with us look at Advertising for more information.

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